How To Play Rummy Game Online

Rummy is an extremely popular card game, played by millions of Indians. For decades, people have been enjoying the offline version of the Rummy Game. Now, they have developed a fondness for online rummy.

If you are new to the Indian rummy game, you are on the second right page! Before you begin to learn how to play rummy, you must know all the terminologies of the rummy universe. Click here, learn all the terms, and then come back to this page.

We have listed down rummy rules on how to play rummy game online and learn rummy thoroughly. It is easy. Rummy is a card game where your aim is to meld all the cards given to you at the beginning into proper sequences/sets and declare them before your opponents. This is done in two ways –

  • Drawing cards from a closed stock (or pile)
  • Picking the card thrown by your opponent while simultaneously discarding another card from your hand.

Playing rummy online is easy if you understand the basics of the game. Rummy is played with two to six players - the more, the merrier! The number of decks used can range from one to three, depending on the number of players and type of game. Now, let's focus on the crucial aspect of learning how to play rummy online - understanding the objective or goal of the game.

The Objective of Rummy

Like all games, your obvious and ultimate objective in rammy is to win! You must do this by declaring your cards after melding them into two primary types of combinations –

Runs/Sequences - Three or more cards of the same suit grouped in consecutive order, like 3, 4, 5 or 9, 10, J, Q is called a “Sequence”. It is of two types: Pure & Impure.

A Pure sequence does not contain a joker card (Printed or Wild joker), whereas an Impure sequence contains a joker.

Sets:Three or four cards of the same rank, but different suits, are to be clubbed into a set. For e.g., 8, 8, 8 or K, K, K, K. You can add a wild card or a printed joker, and the total cards in a set should not exceed 4.

Your next step is to understand the following terms -

Melding: When a player takes a combination of cards from his/her dealt hand and places them face up on the table, it is called melding. There are two types of combinations: runs and sets.

Lay off:Lay off happens when a player places a card from his/her hand onto a meld that is already on the table

Discard: When a player places a card from his/her hand on top of the discard pile, it is called discarding. At the end of each turn, the player discards one card.

Your next step in learning how to play rummy card games is to make sure you understand a few simple rules.

Simple Rules on How to Play the Rummy Cash Game Top

Traditional Rummy is played with the help of two decks of cards with each having one printed joker in it.

All the face cards like Jack, Queen and King along with Aces carry 10 points. The rest of the cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 have values equivalent to the card numbers like 5 of diamond has 5 points, and so on.

One Pure sequence is a must along with other valid sets and sequences.

Basic Fundamentals on How to Play Rummy Online Top

Pure Sequence

To win the rami game, a player must form a pure sequence with 3 or more (up to 10) successive cards from the same suit without using a wild card or joker.

Impure Sequence

An impure sequence is made with 3 or more (up to 10) successive cards from the same suit. However, in this type, a printed joker or a wild joker can replace the natural card to form a sequence. In the following correct example, a printed joker is used in place of a King card of spades.


A Set is a group of three or more cards all of the same rank but belonging to different suits. You can use one or more junglee joker cards to complete your Set. Once you succeed in arranging these sets and groups appropriately, you can declare your cards and win the game. Here’s an example of a set.

How to Meld Cards?Top

Making a valid show

To place a Show, a player is needed to select a card and press the finish tab. He/she may even drag the card and drop it on Show. If all the cards are melded properly into sequences/sets as per the rules, it becomes a 'Valid Show'.

If a card is not melded in a sequence/set, or if a sequence/set is not valid, a player does a 'Wrong Show', he/she gets 80 points as a penalty for the wrong move. After a player declares the hand, all the opponents on the table are required to show their cards too.

Winning the game

Once a player has arranged all their cards into valid sequences and sets, he/she must make a Show to declare themselves as the winner of the game. However, he/she cannot request a Show at any time during the rami game and must wait for his/her turn. When his/her turn arrives, he/she can reveal the cards. As explained previously, the player wins the game if the cards are correctly grouped into valid sets and sequences.

Points Calculation Top

The drop points mentioned in the table below are restricted to only 13 Cards Rummy.

First drop (Prior to drawing a card) 20 25
Middle drop (In case a player has drawn a card) 40 50
DROP POINTS First drop (Prior to drawing a card)
DROP POINTS First drop (Prior to drawing a card)

Point Calculation when a player loses a game

The points of losing players are calculated by adding the values of all the cards that are not part of any valid set or sequence. However, there are exceptions:

  • If the losing player does not have a pure sequence, the points of all their cards are added.
  • If the losing player has only one pure sequence and didn’t form any other sequence, only the points of the pure sequence are not added.
  • In 13 Card Rummy, a player cannot get more than 80 points, even if their total points exceed 80.
  • If a player melds all the cards into the required sequences/sets, but is not the one who declared the game/made a show, then he/she gets only 2 points.

Now that you have learned how to play rummy online, enjoy this thrilling game on the new rummy app of RummyVerse!