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Know more about the GST policy

  1. Why is GST being charged on my deposit amount?

    In the 50th GST Council meeting convened on July 11, 2023, the GST Council proposed applying a 28% GST rate to deposits made on online gaming platforms. Hence, effective from October 1st, 2023, all Online Money Gaming Platforms have been asked to impose a 28% GST on all deposits.

  2. Is GST applied on every deposit?

    Yes, the 28% GST will be levied on all deposits. However, to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience for our users, RummyVerse will cover the GST cost for all deposits.

  3. Some platforms count the amount covered by GST deductions as a bonus, does RummyVerse also do this?

    No, you will receive 100% of your deposit amount, we will not be deducting your deposit amount and your wallet balance will reflect the same.

  4. Some platforms have a time limit for using the bonus added for GST deductions, does RummyVerse also do this?

    No, the deposit will directly be added to your wallet and can be used at your convenience to play with. There is no limit  for using the deposited funds in your wallet, unlike other platforms.

  5. Will the GST deductions be considered while calculating the net winnings for TDS?

    When calculating net winnings for TDS purposes, we will consider the amount credited to your Deposit Account, excluding any GST payments.

  6. Is GST deducted from my bonus amount?

    GST does not apply to bonuses; they will be credited to your account free of any charges. 

  7. Can I claim a GST refund on my deductions?

    No, GST refunds are only available to business owners. Since the KYC process permits verification using individual PANs rather than business PANs, you will not be eligible for a refund.

New to the Game?

Learn Rummy in 3 steps

New to the Game?
Learn Rummy in 3 steps


Common Questions Regarding the Game of Online Rummy

  1. Is Rummy App Legal in India?

    Yes, Rummy apps are legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has ruled it as a game of skill and not chance. The legality of the rummy apps varies from state to state. Some states prohibit playing real cash rummy games online. Players must be informed about the legality of rummy apps in the state they are living in.

  2. Can I Play Rummy Online without Cash?

    Yes, you can play rummy games without cash on RummyVerse app. The app offers plenty of rummy variants. All you need to do is download the rummy app, create an account and start playing free rummy games of your choice to improve your skills before you hop on to real cash rummy games.

    Is Cash Rummy allowed in India?

    Yes, cash rummy is allowed in India. It is crucial to be informed about the legality of playing cash rummy in your state. Most Indian states consider playing rummy legal, while a few consider it illegal.

    How can I Add cash to my RummyVerse Account?

    Adding cash to your RummyVerse Account is simple. Follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. 1. Log in to your RummyVerse app using your mobile number.

    2. 2. Click on the "Add Cash" button located at the top right corner.

    3. 3. Enter the amount of your choice and bonus code, if applicable.

    4. 4. Choose your preferred payment method from the available options. RummyVerse offers multiple payment options.

    5. 5. Enter your details to complete the transaction.

    After the payment is successful, cash will be credited to your RummyVerse account. You are now ready to play rummy online with RummyVerse.