Fair Play Policy

While it is an accepted fact that Rummy is a game based on skill and requires a person with an analytical mind to play the game successfully, another accepted fact is that rummy is very much a social game played among circles of friends and family. However, when games are being played online with other unknown people, a certain responsibility stands for all concerned. Hence RummyVerse maintains a Fair Play practice on its site. The site's Fair Play Policy covers the below mentioned aspects to guard the spirit of competition and skill as the rummy players take on each other at the table.

Chat Privileges for Players Top

RummyVerse has a table chat option wherein players playing online can chat with fellow players. However, the players must comply with certain terms and conditions attached to this option and also keep in mind the user agreement. The site reserves the right to suspend the chat privilege for any player involved in an unpleasant chat.

Abusive Language prohibited Top

Vulgar or abusive language and religious or racist remarks, used by a player via the chat window will not be tolerated by RummyVerse.

Solicitation prohibited Top

Solicitation in any form by any player via the chat, begging, pestering and causing a nuisance of any sort is considered a prohibition under our Fair Play Policy and hence will not be accepted under any condition by RummyVerse.

Buying or Selling of Chips not allowed Top

Players indulging in discussion regarding Chips will not be allowed. Buying or selling chips or soliciting for the same in the chat window or otherwise via any source will not be tolerated. Chat privilege for the player would be immediately suspended without any warning. Subsequently, the account of the player may also stand to be suspended.

Flooding strictly prohibited Top

Players indulging in flooding of the chat window with recurring messages will not be tolerated. This is considered as unethical in chat and the privileges for chat would be immediately suspended.

Advertising and Promotion not permitted Top

Any form of advertising or promotional activity or attempt to promote products or services of any kind if detected by our system, or moderators or conveyed to us via a complaint from other players would result in the suspension of the account.

Malicious Behavior not tolerated Top

Malicious and disrespectful conversations or statements about RummyVerse or any of its other users will not be tolerated in the chat. Detection of the same would result in the suspension of the account. Players must ensure that they do not indulge in such activity.

Chat complaints accepted Top

To keep the chat clean, RummyVerse warns its players from indulging in unethical or offensive conversation. We also look forward to the active involvement of players and look for their support to keep it clean. Players may report any abusive or malicious behaviour by any other player immediately to us at [email protected].

Username Top

On registration at RummyVerse, the user will be assigned a unique Username. This user’s Username allotted by RummyVerse can be modified from the ‘My Profile’ section by the user. This Username becomes the user’s identity or ID (as we refer) on RummyVerse. This Username is how RummyVerse distinguishes you from lakhs of other players who play on our Mobile app. Also, players can distinguish each other from this Username.

This Username will remain active on RummyVerse if the player adheres to the User Agreement and abides by the rules and regulations of playing online rummy at RummyVerse. RummyVerse reserves the right to suspend the ID of a player in case of the following:

  • Any Username which suggests profanity or racist or offensive name/words or makes use of offensive words during communication with other Players or the RummyVerse Support team.
  • Any Username which is found to be involved in Fraud Activities that adversely affect Game outcomes.
  • Any Username found to be involved in any other kind of undesirable activity with the intention of deliberate harm to other Players and/or RummyVerse.

Profanity Top

Any Username which suggests profanity or racist or offensive name/words will not be allowed by RummyVerse.

Privacy Top

Revealing personal details like email addresses, contact numbers, postal addresses, etc. or by any means revealing your identity via the selection of a Username is strictly prohibited.

Advertising or Promotional Use Top

Using your Username/ID to suggest advertising or promotional activity, a user must refrain from promoting their products and services via the same.

Other Restrictions Top

Use of Usernames/IDs, in part or in whole, which are the property of RummyVerse, e.g. Username cannot include 'RummyVerse'

Security Top

RummyVerse has employed the best online security system to ensure that all the transactions made by the player on our website are safe. The site also has developed and employed advanced tools to detect collusion and fraudulent activities during the game.

Payment Security Top

  • All the payment transactions at RummyVerse are encoded with 128-bit SSL.
  • User data and details are saved in a secure environment. The site does not permit its access to any third party.
  • The site quickly responds in case any issue arises and the same is resolved immediately.
  • The security procedures are reviewed continually and improvised from time to time.

Protection from Fraud and Collusion Top

  • RummyVerse has a 24x7 monitoring mechanism by experts for games played on the site so that they can be checked for any fraudulent activity.
  • Anti-Collusion measures are adopted prior to each game, during the game, and even after a player has finished playing the game.
  • RummyVerse makes use of the Random Number Generator RNG, accredited by iTech Labs which is an IEC/ISO 17025 certified testing lab for shuffling the cards.
  • Anti-Collusion measures are employed before the game begins.
  • Information related to the cards is encoded. This bars any third party from viewing the cards.
  • A player cannot use multiple ids for playing on the same table as it will be considered as money transferring or syndicate playing.
  • Anti-fraud algorithms keep a check on each and every move of the players.
  • Advanced techniques have been employed to assess whether 2 or more players on the table are colluding during the game. In case, the system finds out about any such unethical practice happening on the table, then an auto-alert is raised instantly.
  • Suspected games are monitored closely; in case a player indulges in collusion then his account is blocked and the funds available in the same are seized instantly. The players who are impacted by the collusion receive their chips back.

Security measures undertaken post the game Top

  • Any player who is suspected of collusion is barred from joining the same table.