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When a person, who has hardly played any rummy game, installs a rummy app on his or her mobile the first worry of that person is ‘how to win a game of rummy?’ This is because whichever game we play, be it any indoor or outdoor game, we play it to WIN. Nobody takes part in any game to lose the match. Maybe losing a match could be one part of the strategy, but the end goal of any player is to win, to win the match in the rummy card game or the whole tournament.

Most of the new players just begin their rummy career with a free modern rummy game without knowing how to win it. They hope to learn as they play but there is no guarantee that players will learn all the right tips. This is why, if you want tips about how to win a game of rummy modern, and what is needed to be done to emerge triumphant, then what is written further, will be of great help.

Before knowing the tips, you should know the first thing in all rummy game is, your Aim or Goal. To win the rummy match, you should:

Meld all your given cards into proper and valid sequences and sets, and then do a valid show. You should do all of this before all your opponents do the same.

1. The Most Important One

Now that you know your goal, let's begin to know and learn the tips that will propel you to the doors of victory. The first, foremost, and most important tip, is that you should compulsorily make a PURE SEQUENCE. It is a sequence of 3 running cards of the same suit. You begin well when you have done with a pure sequence.

2. Make the second sequence:

After making your first sequence, you should make another one to complete the game. If you want to make a valid show, it is necessary to form at least 2 sequences. This second sequence can be a pure sequence or an impure sequence. You are not allowed to declare with only one sequence or even a set.

An impure sequence is one that has a joker card in it

Remember: you can make a ‘set’ only after making two sequences in which one is a pure sequence.

3. Reduce your points to a minimum:

Now your task will be to minimize the points of your idle cards. This should be done by discarding cards first, that you know will not be easily formed in any sequence. Some people advise discarding the high-value cards first, but if you are certain that they can be melded in a sequence and only one card is needed, then you may take your chance. Otherwise, discard the high-value cards first.

4. Wise usage of Joker cards

you shouldn’t waste your joker cards in a pure sequence. Keep them only to make an impure sequence or a set. Even here, if you’ve got a chance to make two impure sequences and you have only one joker card, then use it in those cards that have a higher points value. A joker card can be the difference in you winning or losing the game.

5. Observing opponent’s gameplay

this is important because, apart from achieving your goal, you also have a secondary goal – to prevent your opponents from achieving their goal. How do you do it? By observing their gameplay, which cards they are discarding, and which cards they are picking up from the open deck. This gives you a fair idea of which cards they need. Hence, you get to know which cards you need to keep away from them.

6. Using strategy & tricks at the right time:

if you want to win real cash rummy games, you must use strategies and tricks. But, it is not ‘compulsory’ to use them in every game. It completely depends on the situation because some strategies and tricks are made for and are most effective only in certain scenarios. Learn this thing and when you encounter a situation that is favourable for using any strategy or trick, just do it.

7. Middle-value cards - Trump cards

if you are wondering what are the middle-value cards; they are 6, 7, 8, and 9. They give you a higher chance of forming sequences and also of winning the game. You can use the low-value cards as well as the high-value cards with the middle-value cards to make sequences. This is why don’t discard a middle-value card in the beginning.

Concluding… When you implement these tips & tricks, you will play some of the best rummy games, especially in the app of rummy verse and you should be able to win most of the games in rummy. Get ready to win lots of real cash in the rummy game, real cash prizes are not just the only reason why players like to play in rummyverse, there are many other reasons like being able to shop in the app itself. So, you shouldn’t think twice before joining Rummy verse. Make an account on Rummyverse, enter a whole new world of Indian rummy, and start a successful rummy career with us!

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