Connection Between Rummy & Metaverse

In all of this, you might start thinking, where is the connection between rummy and metaverse? Hang on we are getting there. The above paragraph was a prelude to the connection between modern rummy and metaverse. Rummy and other card games began their online avatars at the same time, in the 2010 decade. One by one, many rummy game platforms were started and they quickly became popular.

Until the end of the 20th century, most people in the world used to play only real physical games that included, indoor and outdoor games like football, chess, etc. With the proliferation of personal computers and old cassette consoles, people also started playing digital games, some of the popular ones being NFS (Need For Speed), Solitaire, Contra, Super Mario, etc. Then came the Internet revolution and the smartphone revolution. During the 2010s, broadband and mobile internet started getting cheaper and smartphones started getting affordable. Due to this, there was a rise in the number of online games and those playing them.

The Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse was taking shape too, around the same time. The first prelude to this was the game ‘Second Life’ released in 2003. Gradually, technology evolved, and more and better games were released that had a 3D world. As of 2023, multiple tech corporations have or are starting their own metaverse.

Let’s do a recap of what exactly is a metaverse. It is a virtual 3D world, just like the real world.

You can do literally anything in the metaverse, everything that you do in real life can be done there. This means you can also play games in the metaverse. Currently, you play online Indian rummy via your smartphone, it has everything in 2D; the graphics, the game tables, fixed avatars of your real opponents, and the menus.

Rummy and Metaverse

On the other hand, in the metaverse, you will be able to do much more than what you do currently in rummy online. Your customized 3D avatar will actually go to a place that can be a casino or any other place that organizes rummy tournaments in the metaverse, you will actually sit in front of a 3D table, meet your opponents’ 3D avatars, pick 3D virtual cards in hand, etc. you will truly feel all of it is real and this will be the next level of gaming as compared to what you currently do in playing card games, especially in the rummy card game.

There will be metaverses that will be specific to the online rummy game only, you will get to see only a card game metaverse; in short, some metaverses will only be for a particular activity or niche like a metaverse of online rummy, e.g. Rummy Verse. Having said that, you will get to play rummy online in any metaverse, where there will be a provision to play rummy.


Rummy and metaverse are just as interconnected as the umbrella is to the rainy season. There will be a rainy season every year, so you may use an umbrella or a raincoat. Similarly, there will be lots of metaverses in the future, but you may get to play rummy online in only those where they will give that provision; and there will be a lot of such metaverses, some of them being niche like ours. All in all, the experience of playing rummy modern in a metaverse is going to be surreal, awesome, and something that will never be matched by the way you are playing online rummy now.

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