Play Online Rummy In An Indian Way!

Play Online Rummy In An Indian Way!

One amazing fact about the game of rummy, you should know, is that it has many variations in different parts of the world. In the last few centuries, wherever the rummy game was introduced, the local people customized it as per their preferences and culture. Hence, in India, we customized it and then it was named as ‘Indian Rummy’ after the British introduced it to Indians in the 1890s.

Indian rummy is considered to be the mix of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500, both of which came from the USA. Some of the other versions of the rummy card game, being played in different parts of the world are Penang rummy, German rummy, Kalooki rummy, Bing rummy, Contract rummy, Viennese rummy, etc.

Rummy & India

So, being Indians, we will obviously play the Indian rummy version, and not any other one. Even the online rummy game platforms of India provide real rummy services of Indian rummy only. Since the beginning, the game has been played by Indians with great enthusiasm. It was not just played as a pastime among friends, it was also played by families and relatives, especially during the festivals.

Gradually, the card game of rummy became an important part of festival celebrations and Indians started organizing small rummy tournaments among friends and families. Rummy had penetrated every corner and village of India. Today, even online rummy is being played with the same excitement and enthusiasm. Thanks to rummy online and the many rummy platforms, lakhs of Indians of the new generation have been introduced to rummy games online.

Playing it in an Indian style

So when you read the title of this article, what came to your mind? Just like how different versions of rummy exist in different parts of the world, people of these regions also play this skilful game in their own way. Let us know how Indians play rummy, especially the 13 card game rummy.

The AIM: Whichever version of modern rummy you are playing; the ultimate aim of the player is to win the game. How do you achieve it in Indian rummy? You have to be the first player to meld all your cards into valid sequences and sets, and do a ‘valid declaration’.

So how do Indian players reach this aim? Let’s see the gameplay of Indians step by step.

  1. 1. When they get their cards, the first thing they do is, analyse their given cards. This is important because you must decide whether to keep on playing rummy modern with these cards or do a ‘drop’. Yes! You can drop out of a game before even playing if you think that you won't be able to win the game with the given cards.
  2. 2. So the cards that they get, they try to make any sequence or set with them. If you already make a pure sequence with your initial cards, half the game is already won there!
  3. 3. Now the players have a clear idea of which cards have been melded, which ones remain, and which cards they will need during turns in online rummy cash games.
  4. 4. Indian players now arrange their cards in alternate colours. This means they do not keep the red cards and black cards beside each other as this can get highly confusing while discarding cards. But most of them keep cards like hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds, etc. Remember, the game has not even begun! Indian players already take care of 4 things before starting.
  5. 5. Finally, the game begins! Indian players not just play their game, but also do a keen observation of all the activities that their opponents do. This enables them to know the cards of their opponents, and which cards they want, and then plan their strategies or use tricks accordingly when they play rummy online.
  6. 6. Indian players wisely use their Joker cards. It can be the difference between winning and losing in Deals rummy cash games.
  7. 7. Indian players not just play to reach their aim which is stated above, but also play such that they actively prevent their opponents from doing the same.

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