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Whenever you visit a place that you have never seen before, a totally different and unique one, then most of you will exclaim: “Wow! This is out of this world!”. This also happens when you play any video game, and the game world is so surreal, astonishing, and beautifully crafted that you feel like you are literally transported to a whole new world. Whether you are playing any first-person shooter games, sports games like FIFA, or any card games; for the moments you are playing these games, you sort of live in a different world, don’t you feel like that?

Among the various card games online that are being played by lakhs of Indians regularly, rummy is the one that is played the most. It is also one of the most growing card games in India and the world. Every day, thousands of Indians do rummy download and open an account on a rummy platform to try their hand at rummy, even though they don’t know what rummy is.

So, what is rummy? How much do you know about it? Well, when you finish reading this article, you are going to know a lot about rummy game! Let’s continue…

As per Wikipedia, the definition of rummy is:
Rummy is a group of matching-card games, notable for a similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and the same suit.

The Objective of this skillful game is simple: You have to meld all your cards in proper sequences and sets, and do a valid show, before all your opponents do the same. The one who does this, is declared as the winner of the game.

Curious to know how rummy game originated? How it all began?
There isn’t a single confirmed theory about the beginnings of rummy. Several theories exist, let us know about the two most common and accepted ones. One of them is, it originated in Asia, rummy was derived from a Mahjongg variant, a Chinese game, named as ‘Kun P’ai’, which was renamed as Khanhoo in 1891 by Wilkinson. Another theory is, the origins of rummy are found in a game called ‘Conquian’ in the 19th century in Mexico. Since then, many variations of rummy exist today in different parts of the world.

Have you heard the word - Indian rummy? The game of rummy was bought to India by the Britishers around the same time – the 1890s. We Indians customized it to our liking. Indian rummy is a combination of 2 rummy variations from the Unites States – Rummy500 and Gin Rummy. The accurate origin history of this game might not be sure, but the present is sure for everybody – Rummy game is becoming stronger and more popular with each passing day. Now in this 21st century, people do not just play rummy in the offline avatar, using a real, physical deck of cards, but the game has gone online and millions of people now play online rummy after doing rummy game download. So many rummy platforms have emerged in the last decade, prominent among them being – RummyVerse. Hence, you should know the basic rules of the game, you should know how to play rummy.

The basic aspects of Rummy

A good thing about rummy is, it is not a game to be played only by a particular age group. Right from children to senior citizens, anybody can enjoy playing rummy. The basic understanding of all rummy game is pretty simple and straightforward. Let’s begin with the number of players.

Decks & Players: the standard deck of 52 cards is used to play rummy. This deck contains the usual 52 cards, and one printed joker. In most of the rummy variations, 2 decks are used in the gameplay, which means, 2 printed jokers are in play. The face cards carry 10 points each, they are Jack, King, Queen, and Ace. The other cards have points equal to the number value, so the 5 card carries 5 points, 9 card carries 9 points, etc. in an online rummy game. A joker card carries zero points. *The value of the cards is as follows: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. Yes, the Ace card in rummy game, can be used below 2 and also above the King card. You can form sequences with the ace card on both the sides. A minimum of 2 players are needed to play rummy, whether it is online or offline. In the online version, there can be a maximum of 6 players playing on a rummy table.

The Variations: In Indian rummy, most of the rummy platforms offer quite a few variations of rummy game for their players to play. They are:

  • Deals Rummy: In this variation, the final winner is declared after multiple rounds of dealing. There are 3 sub types: Best of 2 deals, best of 3 deals, and best of 6 deals.
  • Points Rummy: only one round is played in this variation. The one who declares first is the winner.
  • Pool Rummy: here, you have to keep your points to a minimum. This variation has 2 sub types. 101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy. Some rummy platforms have also introduced the 51/61 pool rummy. In this variation, the player who crosses 101 or 201 points is eliminated. Thus, pool rummy is played in multiple deals until the last player standing.

These main rummy variations can be played by using 10 cards rummy, 13 card rummy, 21 cards, or 27 cards. The most popular variation of Indian rummy among all of these played on the various rummy platforms, is the ‘13 cards points rummy’.

The Sequences: in the beginning, you are given random cards. To meld your cards, you have to make proper sequences and sets. There are 3 types of sequences:

  • Pure sequence: this is a compulsory sequence and you must make this one first. A Pure sequence is the one that has 3 or more successive cards of the same suit. For example, 4, 5, and 6 of diamonds will form a pure sequence. A printed joker is not allowed in a pure sequence. You can use a wild card joker if it is one of the successive cards and there it will be treated as a normal card. For example, if 9 is a wild card joker, then 3, 4, and 9 of spades is not a pure sequence, but 8, 9, 10 is a pure sequence.
  • Impure sequence: In this sequence, you can substitute a normal card with a wild joker and/or a printed joker. You can use more than one joker card in an impure sequence. For example, if 7 is a wild joker, then an impure sequence of spades can be: 2, (7), 4. Another one of hearts can be: King, (7), Jack, (printed Joker), 9, 8.
  • Set: you can make a set if you have 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but of different suits. For example, the jack of spades, diamonds, and hearts will form a set. You can also make a set with 2 such cards and a wild or printed joker. For example, 4 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, and 8 of any suit which is a wild card joker.

You can make a pure and impure sequence of a minimum of 3 cards and that can go up to a maximum of 10 cards. Whereas, you can make a set of 3 or 4 cards only, including a joker card. To win the game, you have to make at least 2 sequences: a pure sequence and an impure sequence.

Dealing: in the offline rummy version, a dealer is assigned, who shuffles the cards properly and then distributes an equal number of cards in a clockwise direction to all the players, one by one. This does not happen in an online rummy cash game, because this process is automated by the system. But, before the players get their cards, one random card is taken out of the shuffled pack and it becomes the wild card joker. It is kept face-up at the bottom of the closed deck. For example, if you take out 6 of spades as the random card, then 6 of all suits become the wild card joker. Since 2 decks are used in real cash rummy, 7 wild card jokers will be in play and 2 printed jokers, for a total of 9 jokers.

Gameplay: in the offline rummy, the game begins with the player who is on the left of the dealer. On the other hand, in rummy games online, a toss is conducted for all the participating players. They are given one random card from the closed deck. The one with the highest value card, gets to start the game.

That player begins the game by picking up one card from the closed deck. If it is a useful card for him/her, then he/she will keep it and then discard another card from his/her pack, otherwise, the same card is discarded. This discarded card is kept face up in the empty ‘open deck’. All the discarded cards will be kept here. Now the next player will repeat the process. This player can now pick a card from the closed deck or the one discarded by the previous player in the open deck. These turns of players will go on until any one player does a ‘declaration’.

*When you pick a card, you have to discard a card. No player is allowed to keep an extra card with them.

Scoring: this is a crucial part of playing rummy which you have to keep in mind at all times, after every turn of yours. Let’s do a recap of the points carried by all the cards. The face cards, Ace, and the 10 card, all carry 10 points each. The cards 2 to 9 carry points equivalent to their face value. So, 3 card has 3 points, 7 card has 7 points, etc. The printed joker cards and all the wild card jokers carry zero points.

When you get your initial cards (let’s say you are playing 13 cards points rummy), all the 13 cards have points. What players do in the beginning, they check if they can make any sequence or set using the given initial 13 cards. If any sequence or set is made, then those cards are not counted for points, but only the idle cards. Now your goal will be to reduce these points to a zero, by melding these idle cards into sequences/sets in 13 patti rummy. Hence, the turns of picking and discarding a card take place. After each turn, you calculate your idle cards and their points, as that will give you a fair idea of how many and which cards you need to declare in cash rummy.

Declaration: it is only after you make a declaration, that you can win the game. Hence, a declaration is an important part of rummy game and signifies the end of the round. Players can declare their cards if they ‘think’ that they have melded all their cards into proper sequences/sets. The word ‘think’ is written because, besides a correct declaration, players also do an invalid declaration. Let’s know more about this below.

Valid Declaration: you do a valid declaration if you have made at least 2 sequences in which one is a pure sequence. The other one can be a pure or impure sequence. You can make a set only after you have made 2 sequences. These sequences/sets are made correctly as per the rummy rules 13 card, mentioned above.

Wrong Declaration: this is also called as ‘Wrong Show’. If you haven’t made at least 2 sequences, or if you made a sequence and a set, or if any sequence was not correctly made as per the rules, then it will be a wrong show. In this case, you will get the full 80 points and lose the game. If the game was played only between 2 players, then the opponent will be declared as the winner. If 2 or more players were on the table, then rummy will continue with them in real cash games.

*When you meld all your cards, you can still keep your joker cards idle, i.e. not a part of any sequence, if these additional joker cards are not needed in the sequence. Because a joker card carries zero points, your total points will still be 0 and the declaration will be valid.

So, what are the steps to declare your cards?

  • While playing online rummy game, when it is your turn, and in that turn, you have melded all your cards, then you take the extra card, and instead of placing it in the open deck, place it for a show.
  • Thus, you have made a declaration.
  • But if you miss this step and placed the card in the open deck, then you have to wait for your next turn to pick a card, hoping that, before you, no other player does a declaration.
  • Here, you pick a card and directly place it for a show.

Know some basic tips before you start playing:
Until now, you have learned all the basic things about rummy, on the back of which, you can start playing your first rummy game. But, there are quite a few more things, or tips you must know, and consider:

  • Understand the game thoroughly. Know and learn all the rules of rummy, inside out.
  • Observation is a crucial skill that plays a big role in rummy. Study and observe your opponents, their moves, try to guess the cards they have and which cards they want, and hence, what will be their next move.
  • Have patience and wait for the correct opportunity.
  • Never get overwhelmed or over-confident when you are in a winning position. The game can completely turn around even in one move!
  • Use your joker cards wisely. They can be the difference in you winning or losing the game.

We are down to the Conclusion

Rummy is truly a card game, about which you can say that it is a world of its own, especially the online rummy. When you open a rummy platform, you enter a different world. A world filled with tables, cards, and many possibilities for you to win lots of real cash prizes. But, most of the rummy platforms of today have become predictable, the same old UI, game tables, gameplay, etc.

If you want to truly experience rummy out of this world, you must checkout – RummyVerse. True to its name, Rummyverse will take you on an exhilarating ride ad experience of rummy game that will be out of this world, literally. A new universe of rummy is out there to be discovered by you. Discover not just cards, tables, or cash winnings, but a lot of different, unique, and first-of-its-kind features on a rummy platform. Rummy Verse is one platform that is totally different from others. Get ready to experience rummy that is… well, have patience.

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