How to form a Pure Sequence in Rummy Game

Forming a pure sequence is the golden rule in rummy. In Indian rummy, there are three types of rummy variants, points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. There is another very cool and interesting variant,i.e, the spin & Go variant, that is only available for cash players.

All variants are played with a standard cards deck with four suits. Rules in all variants slightly differ, but the objective remains the same. 13 cards are dealt to each player on the table, and the ultimate goal for each player is to arrange the cards in sequences and sequences or sets.

Importance of Pure Sequence in Rummy

To form a pure sequence, the best technique would be to try creating the sequence as soon as the cards are dealt. Therefore, whenever you receive your cards, sort them and make sure that at least one of the groups you create is of pure sequence.

So make sure to discard cards that are either of high value and are taking time to form or are of no use in the game. Make sure that while forming the sequence, you play your moves very carefully and smartly in order to avoid losing the game. Hone up all your rummy skills before you begin the game so that you get used to the game better and have a better probability of winning in an online rummy game.

How to form pure sequences in rummy?

Forming a pure sequence in an Indian rummy game is the key to winning the game. If the player creates a pure sequence at the very beginning of the game, trust me, they got leverage over the game because once they have the pure sequence, they may be able to form other sets and another puree and impure sequencer way too sooner. If you are a beginner or even an experienced player in rummy, let us brush up on your skills in forming a pure sequence and reducing your points.

  1. It is not important to make a sequence using number cards only; you can use face cards as well to form a pure sequence, for example- J, Q K, of any suit would be considered a pure sequence as they belong to the same suit and are in consecutive order
  2. Avoid using any joker, be it printed joker or the wild joker, in a pure sequence, as it would be considered as an impure sequence and not a pure sequence
  3. A wild joker can only be used if the wide joker belongs to the same suit as the other cards and is also in consecutive order with the cards

How to download the Rummy app on your mobile phone?

As long as you have a basic Android or iOS phone and a stable internet connection, you can download the Rummy app and start playing the game right away. Follow the instructions below to finish on your mobile phone.

Here are 4 ways to download the Rummy app:

  • Option 1: Click on the “Download” button to download the APK file on your mobile phone.
  • Option 2: Give a missed call at (+91) 9899297711 to get a text message containing the download link for the APK file. Click on the link to download the APK file on your mobile phone.
  • Option 3: You can download the app via SMS. Just enter your mobile number in the given box and click on the “Send Link” button to receive a message with the download link for the Junglee Rummy app.
  • Option 4: You can scan the given QR code using your phone camera. After scanning the code, you will be redirected to the Play Store/App Store page of the Junglee Rummy app.

In Conclusion

Rummy is a skill game requiring players to strategize and plan their movies carefully. If you are a beginner or an expert, the best approach is to form a pure sequence as soon as the cards are dealt with. This will surely relieve slight stress during the game, and you will be able to calmly create the rest of the sequences and sets. So, if you are all set to ace your rummy game, then Download Rummy and start showing off your skills and win big rewards.

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