It’s Better To Play Rummy Than Watch Series!

Circa 2023…
"Ding dong", the bell rang, but Kavish was still engrossed in rummy verse in his mobile. His friend, Ankit understood this and went to open the door.

"Woohoo, yeah", "ssup man" "don't say you began", and 3 more friends joined them. They were having a night out at Kavish's place and all 4 of them had planned to - watch the latest superhit web series while eating, drinking, and partying; but, Kavish had other plans!

They all gathered where Kavish, well he was still focusing on his mobile as if he was living in a whole new different world. Finally, he kept the mobile aside and turned towards his friends... "hello guys wassup, so tonight is the night we will enjoy and earn!"

His friends, who were visibly upset until that point, became confused and started wondering, what is he even talking about? Sandeep said, "bro, nobody earns while watching a web series". Ankit said to the other 3, "guys, I came here 30 mins early but the whole time, he was busy playing online rummy!" Pramod said, " yeah I've heard about rummy, but this much dedication?" Kavish said, "why not? If you are playing it on rummy verse!"

Pratik said, "ok so, now if you are done playing, let's party and binge-watch!" Kavish retorted, "hold on bro, we are not here to waste time doing something that isn't going to benefit us". Just as Kavish finished saying it, all 4 of them started protesting... They were deliberating and arguing about what to do the whole night, but Kavish was firm like a pole star on playing rummy online.

Finally, Pratik said, "ok guys wait; Kavish, tell us even one advantage of playing an online rummy game over watching a web series and I will convince the others to play it". Kavish said, "haha, okay! But you won't need any convincing, I have many reasons why we should play rummy with friends in rummyverse over watching any damn web series; and after hearing them, you guys will slap me for not introducing rummyverse earlier in your life!"

They were all surprised to see this much love in Kavish for multiplayer rummy and this much disinterest for web series, because he was exactly the opposite a week ago, he was famous among his friends as the 'web series king'.

Kavish: okay guys, now I will tell you the exclusive advantages of playing rummy over watching web series, points-wise:

  • As you play rummy, you get to meet new people and make new friends, does that happen with web series?
  • The web series gets over in a few episodes and then you are left waiting for another season of it, sure you may hop on to another web series; but then, this is not the case with rummy. You can play it as much as you want and at any time, with no limits!
  • You have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee on any OTT platform to watch web series on them, but you can make a free account on rummyverse or any other rummy platform to play this skilful game.
  • A web series requires a lot of internet data if you are on the move, but a few games of rummy multiplayer with friends, need a lot fewer internet data than that.
  • Because of the above point, you can play rummy cash games anywhere you go, even when you are travelling! But it will be difficult to watch an episode of a web series without buffering as you travel, isn’t it?
  • The beauty of rummy is that, even if you have 5 minutes free, you can take out your smartphone and play a game of rummy. But you must have at least 30 to 60 minutes free to watch a web series episode without any hindrance! Does anybody watch it for 5 minutes, then again for 10 minutes after an hour?
  • The biggest advantage of rummy over web series – you get to win a lot of real cash prizes and other prizes like a motorbike, smartphone, TV, etc. as you play rummy and earn real money and take part in tournaments and promotions. Do you get any such thing in web series?

    (Now his friends started listening to him with eyes wide open and eagerness! Kavish continued with his points…)
  • As you keep on playing rummy, over time you will become an expert in the game, this will mean more and bigger prize winnings for you! Even if you become an expert in watching a web series, what do you get in return?
  • When you watch a web series, it is thrilling and gripping, but sometimes you know what’s gonna happen next in it and sometimes you don’t. This is because you get to read the plot and twists of the story on the internet, and if you already know the next part, will it be that much exciting to watch? This is not the case with rummy. In fact, in every turn, you don’t know which way the game will swing, one moment you are on the winning path, and in one turn your opponent is winning! This much thrilling and edge-of-the-seat gaming you get to experience in rummy. There is no end to fun and enjoyment in rummy play with friends.
  • You get to build and develop your skills while playing the rummy game. This greatly helps you in other aspects of your life. Skills like keen observation, analysis, strategizing, planning, tricking, deceiving, quick decision-making, reading the whole game, etc. will you develop these while watching web series?

(His friends listened to him in awe and started to agree with him; he sensed that as they smiled in affirmation. But Kavish still had more to say…)

Kavish: ok guys, so now I will tell you the plus points of watching web series and how do we get all of those while playing rummy too!

Kavish: when we are watching any web series, the biggest plus point that we get is – Entertainment. It is a great leisure option to relax and unwind after you come back from a hectic day at work. But, we also get entertainment by playing rummy games online and the more we play, the more we get it. Plus, when we play with our friends, especially our close friends and family; the fun, thrill, and excitement just doubles!

Kavish: Another thing we get, if that is in the web series, is that we get to learn some morals and values, in the series as a whole, or in certain scenes. This helps us to be better people in real life. You learn some crucial values of life even when you play Indian rummy. How? Well, you win some, you lose some matches, and you learn to never give up, and to be determined. Even when you lose, you learn that it is just another side of the coin, you learn from your losses, you learn to focus on your goal, you learn to be humble in your wins and not get carried away, etc. etc.

Kavish paused, and after taking a deep breath, he said:
You see, I can go on and on, did you understand what I want to say? And why do I want us to play rummy over watching web series? His friends were still in awe and shaken about what he had just lectured them. They were feeling ashamed of planning to waste their time.

Ankit: you have just blown my mind!
Pratik: bro, you are a genius, I knew it!
Pramod: so, let’s go ahead with the plan of Kavish?
Sandeep: yeah, but how to proceed Kavish bro?

Kavish: guys it is simple, I will send you a link to download the rummyverse app, here itself we are getting offers! Imagine what lies ahead! Quickly install the app, and make an account, I will tell you guys a few things, and then we immerse ourselves in a world that I bet you’ve never seen before, and start playing rummy online together!

Everyone unanimously rhymed: let's play rummy and earn a lot of money!

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