7 Day Challenge

7 Day Challenge - Take part and win cash every day!

Hey Rummy player, Congratulations on making your first deposit! Now you are all set for the thrilling ‘7 Day Challenge’. For a whole week, complete various tasks and win handsome cash. Will you collect it all? If you do so, you will get an additional FREE Cash Bonus of Rs. 250*! Are you ready to successfully complete the 7 Day Challenge? Game On!

Challenge Details:

Days Challenge Activity
D1 Login & get Rs.10
D2 Play 5 Cash games and get Rs. 30
D3 Play 2 Cash games worth Rs. 100 or more and get Rs. 40
D4 Withdraw any amount and get Rs. 25
D5 Refer 5 friends and get Rs. 100
D6 Win 5 Cash games and get Rs. 100
D7 Deposit & get 20% Instant Cash up to Rs. 1,000

D7 Instant Cash Details:

Deposit Amount Instant Cash Code No. of Transaction(s)
Rs. 25 to Rs. 50,000 20% up to Rs. 1,000 CASH1000 1
Deposit Amount Rs. 25 to Rs. 50,000
Instant Cash 20% up to Rs. 1,000
Code CASH1000
No. of Transaction(s) 1
  • The 7 Day Challenge can be availed by all Cash Players, who have made their First Deposit (FTD) on RummyVerse.
  • When the player makes his/her first deposit (FTD), that day is ‘D0’. The ‘7 Day Challenge’ begins the next day. Hence, the next day of FTD becomes D1, and so on. For e.g. If you deposit on 1st May, then it is the ‘D0’ for you. 2nd May will be your D1, 3rd May will be D2, and so on.
  • This 7 Day Challenge cannot be availed by the player at any time other than from the next day of doing their first deposit.
  • After completing the day’s challenge, the player will get Free cash on that day, on all days.
  • In the D5 offer, when you refer a friend, you will also get the benefits of our ‘Refer & Earn’ offer. Hence, when you refer 5 friends, you will get a total of Rs.500 cash from the ‘Refer & Earn’ offer, as well as the minimum Rs.100 cash as mentioned above in the table.
  • You can avail the D6 offer only for Pool and Deals rummy games. It is not applicable for Points rummy.
  • To avail the Instant Cash of D7, the eligible player must use Code: CASH1000 on the ‘Add Cash’ page.
  • The eligible player will get 20% Instant Cash up to Rs. 1,000 on D7.
  • The validity of the Instant Cash is 24 hours.
  • The Instant Cash amount of D7 cannot be withdrawn but the Player can play Cash Games and Winnings from such Games can be withdrawn.
  • When a player completes all 7 challenges, he/she will get an additional Rs. 250 withdrawable cash. If a player misses even one challenge, he/she won’t be eligible for the additional Rs. 250.
  • The ‘7 Day Challenge’ must be completed in the first 7 days after doing the first deposit. If a player misses any one challenge, e.g. the challenge of D3, then on D4, he/she will be eligible for the D4 challenge, but not eligible for the D3 challenge.
  • The sequence of the 7 Day Challenge must be strictly followed in the given order.
  • This Offer is subject to the sole discretion of management at RummyVerse; management has the right to withdraw or modify this Offer anytime without prior notice.
  • RummyVerse has the right to publish the list/names and photos of beneficiaries of this Offer on its website, social media, app or any other media at any time it deems fit.